Who should apply

Greener Homes Scotland aims to provide access to funding and grants to as many people as possible. If you are a homeowner and live in Scotland, we will assist; please complete the grants and funding check to determine which option you could be eligible for.

Many homeowners in Scotland could benefit from new energy-efficient windows and doors. We want to help as many people as possible upgrade their existing windows and doors.

What products are available

Greener Homes Scotland can access various products, including Double Glazing, Triple Glazing, Composite Doors, and Bi-Folding Doors.

All the products offered by installers should be a minimum of ‘A’ rated windows and have a U-value of around 1.4.

U-value is the transfer rate through a structure divided by the difference in temperature throughout that structure.

Glass installed should also meet minimum requirements and be Low E Argon Gas filled. Gas-filled units like argon glazing improve thermal efficiency by as much as 16-30%

What are the funding options

Funding Options (Qualifying Criteria Apply and May Involve Taking Out a Consumer Credit Agreement Representative 9.9% APR)
Homeowners can install double-glazed windows & doors without having the upfront costs. A few Scotland-based installation companies working with Greener Homes Scotland have access to funding options designed to help consumers gain access to energy efficiency improvements that are not usually affordable.
Using these funding options, homeowners can spread the cost of new windows & doors and eliminate the need to part with any savings. Most of these funding options require no upfront cost.
Greener Homes Scotland does not provide funding for this option.
If you do not qualify for a grant, we will offer to pass you to one of our installation partners, who will provide funding for the project through their in-house funding facility.
Greener Homes Scotland does not make credit decisions and is not a lender. Greener Homes Scotland introduces customers to Approved Installers, who match loan applications with lenders on their panel based on the information you provide.
Greener Homes Scotland does not endorse a particular financial product or service. The information offered on our website should only be taken as an opinion.

This website is free to use, but we may receive a fee or commission for introductions to installation partners.

Free Windows & Doors Greener Homes Scotland Grant (Qualifying Criteria Apply)
Eligible homeowners can have new windows & doors installed at absolutely no cost. (Subject to Qualifying Criteria)
Greener Homes Scotland is committed to helping those in need improve their energy efficiency and lower energy bills by installing energy-efficient double-glazed windows and doors.

Greener Homes Scotland currently offers aid to people within set qualifying criteria. As the fund is limited, we decided to help the neediest persons we find on a first-come, first-served basis.

Able to pay option

Greener Homes Scotland also has access to exclusive discounts from some of Scotland’s largest and highest-rated installers.

By arranging your double glazing quotation with Greener Homes Scotland, you could save money purchasing new windows and doors.

What is the grant criteria

Funding Criteria

Must be a homeowner
Must live in Scotland
Have no IVA, CCJ or debt management
If you meet the essential criteria above, we can help with funding options to replace your windows and doors.

Grant specific criteria

Must live in a single-parent household.
Must have a disabled or critically ill child under the age of 18 living in the property.
Must be employed or self-employed with an income under £10,000.